What Our Customers Say

My daughter, Leanne Brown, and I want to thank you for the absolutely beautiful work you did on the Brown/Pasquarello wedding flowers on Saturday, March 17th. The bouquets were beautiful, the corsages and bouteneirs were lovely, and the floral arrangements on the tables were spectacular. Thank you, also, for the carpet runner at the ceremony on the beach. It was perfect - it made walking up the aisle a "breeze"! Your creativity certainly added to the fairy tale wedding! Thank you again!
Pat Brown

Riley The Dog Of Seaside Florals

Ruff Ruff! My name is Riley, at least that's what people are always yelling at me just before they give me a treat.

People around here are always telling me I live "the Life Of Riley." Well, I AM Riley, so of course that's the life I live. Duh!

My passion, next to boating and filet mignon, are flowers. My Mom, you may know her as Kim, brings me to work with her just about everyday. This is how I got hooked on flowers, I'm the Mascot of the hotel, I run the shop, call the shots, smell the deliveries, and generally keep the place hopping (when I’m not napping).

On occasion I take a day off, and then I head to the pool, beach and bar- not necessarily in that order- sometimes I make a few stops on my way to stop and smell the, well, you know. Be sure when you are in the hotel to stop by the shop and say Hi.

If Mom and Lou, the Master Designer (and sometime dogsitter) are around they'll enjoy showing you some of their beautiful flowers and gift things.  I'll be waiting, and don't forget a treat for me!

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